We Provide Cost-Effective Solutions to Real Problems.

  • As a boutique mergers and acquisition advisory firm, we can provide direct, hands-on knowledge and experience combined with operational expertise. With JumpStart Partners, our clients receive the best of both worlds.  Our customers benefit from top deal professionals as well as hands-on expertise of multiple, senior executives.

  • If our client is not 100% satisfied with the work done within the first 30 days of engagement, the client has the option to terminate the relationship and receive a full refund of the deposit retainer.  In addition, all work completed within that timeframe becomes property of the client.


Because of Our Expertise,
We Shorten the Timeframe to Success.

  • We enable our clients to reduce the time it takes to achieve results.  By relying on our experts to help make the appropriate moves, firms can quickly launch new divisions, enter new markets or turn around sluggish sales.

  • By utilizing our full solution, clients can accelerate the process of identifying, connecting and securing new or existing opportunities.


Our Tenured, Executive Relationships
Allow Us to Offer Our Clients an Extended Network.

  • By utilizing JSP executives’ prior contacts and experiences, our clients discover a new source of relationships that allow for entry into target customers and partners.

  •  Our JSP Client Forums provide the opportunity for our companies to present their products and solutions to numerous resources including key executives, potential investors and additional, significant relationships.

Our Experienced Executives Offer Years
of Resources To Our Clients.

  • JSP clients take advantage of our proven business methodologies, “best practices,” and templates that supplement their current resources.

  • By utilizing our experienced professionals as team leads and “entrepreneurs in residence,” our clients can immediately augment and strategically develop their current team to reflect the direction of the company’s goals.

  • Our team can help companies adapt to changing business environments by relying on our up-to-date data of cycles, trends and novelties.

  • Because of our team’s deep experiences, we can validate business propositions, technologies, markets, messages and sales strategies. We offer our clients the opportunity to consult with the industry’s best and brightest.