Corporate Governance

McKinsey & Company recently reported that ‘high governance standards will prove essential to attracting and retaining investors in global capital markets1.’  In fact, an overwhelming majority of investors are willing to pay premiums ranging from 12-14% for companies exhibiting high governance standards; in addition, for many capital sources, corporate governance is now an established investment criterion2.   

JumpStart Partners enables our clients to capitalize on these premiums by working with them to establish and maintain governance structures that reflect the highest standards of professionalism and independence.  We help augment existing board programs for our clients by providing additional resources for business knowledge and intellectual capital.  For companies who have never implemented this structure before, we can create a formal program to meet their individual needs.

 A sampling of our expertise includes:

  • Developing checklist of skill and relationships required for potential board members.

  • Identifying and targeting prospective Board of Advisors candidates.

  • Leveraging JSP’s proprietary network to provide independent council with brand credibility.

  • Enhancing and/or developing board policies and practices to facilitate frequent interaction.

  • Creating Board of Advisors programs and metrics to ensure maximum shareholder value.

1McKinsey report: Investor Opinion Survey on Corporate Governance (2000)

2McKinsey Global Investor Opinion Survey on Corporate Governance (2002)