What is often most intriguing to companies is the access that JSP provides to skilled domain experts.  We believe in partnering our clients with executives who know their target industry and can therefore offer the most in-depth strategy and tangible results.  We utilize our executive network of over 120 professionals (known as JSP Fellows) in several ways:

  • To contribute ideas, using their domain expertise, within an initial client strategy sessions.

  • To provide independent market and business validation based on their knowledge of the space.

  • To serve as team leads for client accounts in order to provide the most specialized service.

However, what is often of most value to our clients is that they are able to take advantage of not only who we know through our executive network – but also who our Fellows know.  Essentially, our Fellows utilize their personal rolodexes when working with our clients to achieve “quick wins.”  They have the ability to connect our portfolio companies with potential resources, partners – and most importantly – potential customers.  It is not unusual for a Fellow to set up sales meetings for a JSP client – or a partnership pitch with a potential sales channel.  And it is certainly not out of character for a Fellow to work behind the scenes to provide companies with the benefit of  “the inside track.”   Our fellows work closely with our clients on projects such as:
  • Merger, acquisition and funding options

  • New business development

  • Sales and channel strategies

  • Customer segmentation and analysis

  • Strategic development, marketing and sales plans

  • New business opportunities and entry analysis

Our fellows have demonstrated leadership as senior executives, founders and board members in both established and emerging high technology companies such as:
  • Dell Computers

  • 3M

  • America Online

  • IBM

  • Royal Dutch Shell

  • Microsoft

  • Nortel Networks

  • Procter & Gamble

Tangible examples of our executives’ results include:

  • Tripling sales and staging a young company for a $100M acquisition in 120 days.
  • Adding 14 new clients within seven months, increasing revenue 45% for two consecutive quarters.
  • Leading a 500-person division to transition business models and improved profitability 30%.
To find out how you can become a member of our Fellows Network, contact us at: fellows AT jumpstartpartners.com.