Transactional Services

JumpStart Partners provides support throughout the merger & acquisition process, including:

  • Corporate strategy and review of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats (SWOT)

  • Identify key bottlenecks and opportunity gaps

  • Establish milestones & benchmarks

  • Prepare initial material (plan, screening filter, executive summary, NDA)

  • Identify potential M&A / strategic partners

  • Contact potential partners

  • Gauge initial interest and prioritize targets

  • Joint business evaluation and coordinate management meetings

  • Obtain, evaluate & negotiate letters of intent (LOIs)

  • Determine appropriate targets to proceed with

  • Complete memorandum of understanding (MOU)

  • Coordinate due diligence efforts

  • Round out the syndication as needed

  • Finalize the transaction

  • Integration support

By combining proven processes, industry and transactional expertise, creative initiatives, and personalized service, JumpStart Partners continues to deliver measurable results for our clients.

One of the most important steps toward an equitable transaction is a thorough and objective analysis of value. To begin this process with our clients, we provide an independent, realistic and comprehensive analysis of the company's financial statements, management, facilities, operations, strategies, competition, markets, market share, and economic climate.

In addition to providing a thorough evaluation of the firmís capabilities, we also maintain strong and continuing relationships with a wide range of interdependent financial communities: institutional investors, buy-out investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, portfolio companies, and professional advisors.  These strong relationships, coupled with expansive industry knowledge and extensive expertise, allow us to assist our clients in securing a capital partner that shares their goals of continued growth and success.

By employing our teamís industry expertise, as well as our extensive relationships with leaders in the private and public sectors, JumpStart Partners seeks and discovers unique investment opportunities for our clients.